Types of Growing Benches that Can be Installed in Greenhouses

Greenhouse agriculture is an increasingly essential practice in crop production throughout the year. These controlled spaces provide an ideal environment for growing plants, providing protection from inclement weather and creating optimal growing conditions. However, one of the fundamental aspects contributing to the success of greenhouse agriculture is the proper choice of growing benches. These have become a crucial component in optimizing space, improving productivity and ensuring healthy plant growth.

In this article, we will explore in depth the various types of growing benches that can be installed in greenhouses and highlight their relevance in modern agriculture. Choosing the right growing benches can make the difference between a successful operation and wasted resources, and is therefore a key decision-making factor for farmers and growers looking to maximize their performance in the competitive world of agriculture.

Read on to discover how these growing benches drive greenhouse farming forward and provide unprecedented opportunities for crop optimization!

Advantages of using greenhouse benches cultivation in greenhouses

The choice of the right growing benches is an extremely important factor in greenhouse agriculture, as it has a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of the farm. In an environment where space and resources are scarce, they stand out as an essential solution to make the most of every inch of the greenhouse.

  1. Spatial Efficiency: Greenhouses, by their very nature, often have limited space. This is where grow benches come into play by allowing for optimal plant distribution. By choosing the right types of benches , unproductive aisles can be minimized, resulting in a significant increase in usable space. This translates into the ability to grow more plants in the same space, which is essential for maximizing yields.
  2. Reduced Injury and Fatigue: In addition to maximizing space, farm benches also contribute to the comfort and safety of farm workers. By raising the work level, the need for constant bending or stooping is avoided, which reduces fatigue and prevents injuries. Workers can work more efficiently and comfortably, which is beneficial to both their health and the overall productivity of the operation.
  3. Resource Optimization: Growing benches also play a key role in optimizing resources such as light, water and nutrients. By raising the plants off the ground, the risks of soil pests and diseases are reduced, which reduces the need for pesticides and chemicals. In addition, keeping plants at a uniform height ensures that they all receive the same amount of light and nutrients, which improves growth and crop quality. This uniformity is essential for the production of high quality crops.
  4. Cost Savings: The right choice of cultivation benches can result in significant savings in labor and resource costs. Workers can perform their tasks more efficiently, reducing the time and resources required for cultivation. In addition, the reduction of chemicals and pesticides is not only beneficial for the environment, but also means savings in input costs.

Types of cultivation benches

There are several types of growing benhes, each designed to meet specific needs in greenhouse agriculture. Below, we will explore the main categories of growing benches:

1. Fixed Growing Benches are a standard in greenhouse agriculture. They provide a solid, permanent structure that is used for growing a variety of plants. These benches offer an ideal working height, making access and care of plants easy. They are ideal for crops that do not require constant rearrangement and provide a stable base for production.

2. Mobile benches are known for their versatility and ability to adapt to the space available in the greenhouse. These benches move laterally in both directions, allowing the creation of access aisles between benches. This optimizes the use of space and is especially useful in production greenhouses where dimensions may vary. The mobility of these benches is valuable for efficient space and production management.

3. Transportable or Sliding Benches, often referred to as sliding benches, are essential in nurseries and growing operations where continuous plant mobility is required. These benches allow adaptation to the dimensions of the facility and are ideal for managing logistics between greenhouses, shade houses and outdoor areas. They use hydraulic train systems or manual trolleys to facilitate plant transport during various growth phases. They are indispensable for nurseries that produce a large number of plants in a homogeneous way.

4. Automatic benches are the culmination of automation in greenhouse agriculture. They are designed with motorized systems that allow height adjustment and configuration of the growing benches. These benches are especially valuable for growing crops where constant changes in height are required or to optimize growing space. Automation can be controlled by greenhouse management systems, providing precise control and production efficiency.

Types of Greenhouse Growing Bench Bottoms

The choice of the bottom for greenhouse growing benches is crucial to ensure the success of your crop. Here are the most common options and their specific applications:

1. Mesh: Ideal for efficient drainage and to avoid water accumulation around the roots..

2. Expanded Polystyrene: Perfect for maintaining a constant temperature in cold-sensitive crops during growth.

3. High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS): Optimal for sub-irrigation systems, promoting healthy roots and preventing flooding.

4. Customized materials: Adapted to your needs, such as water recirculation or heating systems.

Choosing the right fund is essential to ensure healthy and efficient growth.

Growing Bench Quotation for Greenhouses

J. Huete Greenhouses has installed growing benches in hundreds of greenhouses around the world. This is, as you have read, very important equipment for certain productions.

If you are looking for a quote for grow benches or a supplier who can manufacture or install grow benches in your greenhouse, contact us without any obligation. Send us a message in the form below, we will get back to you today.

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