We lead the construction of a 20-hectare multidisciplinary agricultural project in Senegal

invernaderos en almería

– Includes greenhouses, seedbeds, open field plantations, packing house and a supermarket
– This multidisciplinary project brings healthy, home-grown produce directly from the plant to the local consumer’s table

J. Huete Greenhouses, a leading company in the design and implementation of agricultural projects all around the world, has recently started the construction of a new global project in Senegal of 20 hectares which includes a supermarket where the fresh products will be made available to the local population. The aim of the Project is to produce fresh and first quality food and make them available to the local population while boosting the local economy, creating new jobs and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint.

This holistic project includes the installation of greenhouse structures with nurseries, greenhouses and open field plantations. With this infrastructure, J. Huete Greenhouses will provide ideal growing conditions for various local vegetables and fruits. This completes the entire production chain, from the planting of the seed to the consumption of healthy products. From the field to the table. In Senegal for the Senegalese.

This multifaceted project in Senegal includes this technological equipment:

  • 8 hectares of production under greenhouses,
  • 11 hectares of open-air production,
  • 1,000 sqm of seedbeds,
  • 3,000 sqm of conditioning centre
  • 30,000 m3 reservoir

This large-scale project is expected to generate significant economic growth and create new employment opportunities in the region. J. Huete Greenhouses is proud to be part of this initiative, providing technical expertise and advanced technology to support sustainable agriculture and promote local development.

We are delighted to be involved in this important project, which reflects our commitment to sustainable and innovative agricultural practices,” says Javier Huete, CEO of the company. “Our aim is to provide greenhouse technology of the highest quality, tailored to the specific needs of our customers, and to contribute to the economic and social development of the regions in which we operate.” After three decades of successful work, J. Huete Greenhouses continues to develop its work in the greenhouse and agricultural technology sector. It is also a new project in Africa with positive ramifications outside the agricultural sector and directly affecting the social and employment dynamization of the region.

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